Dark Fantasy Writing

I'm a writer- all I want to do is work on my next book. Yeah...the industry doesn't work that way anymore. Pity. We need to be intimate with our genre and the industry, especially if we're self-publishing.

Studying trends in Dark Fantasy is a bit tricking. There aren't many resources continually focusing on it. I've looked. Instead, I subscribe to sites talking about horror, fantasy & speculative fiction.

I found many resources by opening a book similar to mine and reading the copyright page. Find the imprint the books' published under then visit the website and see if you can subscribe to their content.

Another way to get news in the world of Dark Fantasy is set up a Google Alert for "dark fantasy"-"Kanye West". The quotations and dash are important. If they're not included, you'll get info on Kanye West's album (kinda annoying) or content mentioning dark and/or fantasy. Unfortunately, dark fantasy is one of those over used phrases. You'll get good info on the fiction genre but a lot of content on other things.

I've gathered here some publishing industry news sites, the many SciFi, Fantasy, and Horror sites I read, blogs about writing and of course, books on writing. Whenever I come across a new resources, I'll add to it. I hope they help you too. Enjoy.

Publishing and Book News

Digital Book World
HuffPost Books
Indie Bookspot
NPR Books 
O'Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing
Publisher's Weekly 
Publishing Perspective
The Association of American Publishers

Fantasy and Horror News and Writing Tips

Ginger Nuts of Horror
Orbit Books
Strange Horizons
Genre Resource Guide: Fantasy and Science Fiction

Sci Fi, Fantasy, Speculative Fiction Book Blogs

A Fantasy Reader
Dark Wolf's Fantasy Reviews
Elitist Book Reviews
Fantasy Book Critic
Fantasy Book Review
Fantasy Literature
Janicu's Book Blog
Pat's Fantasy Hotlist
Speculative Book Review

Writing Life and Craft

102 Resources for Writers: Name Generators, Plots, Fight Scenes, Character Development, & More
Author Media Blog

Jane Friedman
My Name is Not Bob
Rachelle Gardner
The Creative Penn
The Book Designer 
The Other Side of the Story
Writer's Digest
Writers Helping Writers
Writer Unboxed

Books: Writing Resources  
Ackerman- The Emotion Thesaurus A Writer's Guide to Character Expressions 
Ballon- Breathing Life Into Your Characters
Bell- The Artful Edit
Bradbury: Zen in the Art of Writing
Brooks- Sometimes the Magic Works
Edelstein- Writer's Guide to Character Traits
HWA- On Writing Horror
Katz- Get Known Before the Book Deal
King- On Writing
Kress- Characters, Emotions & Viewpoints
Miller- Violence: A Writer's Guide
Oates- The Faith of a Writer
Westley- Bibliophile's Dictionary
Woll- Publishing for Profit

Useful Articles